Welding is not just any other skill – the worst that can happen when you are working as a carpenter is you crunch your finger with a hammer. On the other hand, when you weld, you are consistently risking death while working with the extreme temperatures. This is not to say that carpentry needs less skill or attention to safety, it is just carpentry is generally not life and death. But that, welding is particularly dangerous and you must always be conscious of your safety.

Aluminum is also special because sometimes there are imperfections in its surface due to oxidization, which have to be scraped off.

You have to use a stainless steel brush to scrape off these pieces, which you do by stopping the weld process and doing it. Make sure you do this because the oxidized aluminum can cause lots of problems if you try to weld it.

How to Aluminum Weld: First Aid and Safety Gear

In case you are harmed while welding, for example by way of eye damage or skin injury, you should know some basic first aid. This will help you respond correctly to an injury to yourself or a co-worker.

All the welders ought to have training about the safety measures that they should take while welding aluminum or any other metal.

Having your auto darkening helmet and safety gloves on at all times while working should be part of your habit. There can be no compromise with this step. You should also take enough rest breaks so that you are fit when working so that you can focus properly on the job.

Always be careful about your safety and the safety of people with you while welding and you are closer to be an expert welder and teaching other people how to a weld aluminum safely.