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Whether you are a professional welder or a DIY hobbyist, getting the proper protective gear is a must. Welding produces intense light, as well as harmful UV and IR radiation.

Particularly, UV rays are capable of passing through common clothes. As a result, you may get burns on your skin, similar to the ones produced by overexposure to sunlight.

The result of several hours of unprotected welding can be serious. This is why special welding jackets must be worn.

There are different types of welding jackets in the market. You can find them in a variety of materials, from leather to cotton.  Which one is best for you?

To help you to decide, we have reviewed several welding jackets in the market. We have assessed the material, heat resistance, weight and quality of each item. This has led to the following list of the best welding jackets available.

What is a Welding Jacket?

A welding jacket is an item of personal protective equipment (PPE). Its main goal is to protect welders from intense heat and radiation as well as splatter and debris.

To achieve this goal, a welding jacket must be made with flame-resistant materials. Also, the welder must be able to close the welding jacket securely such that no splatter or debris can sneak inside it.

How to Choose the Right Welding Jacket for me?

There are many welding jackets on the market. The next reviews can help you select the best welding jacket for you. It is a list of the best welding jackets in the market.

Still, you can see that those options differ in characteristics, price, and technical specs. Hence, to choose the right welding jacket for you, do the following:

  • First, you must determine what type of welding you usually perform. MIG and TIG welding may not require as much protection as high-amperage high welding;
  • Second, determine how often and how long you weld. If you are a professional welder, then you likely weld several hours every day. In such a case, superior protection is mandatory. But also, comfort is an important requirement to undergo several hours of welding. If you weld sporadically, then comfort may not be a top requirement;
  • Third, set a budget for your welding jacket. This depends on the economic situation of each person. Choose two or three options that meet the previous two selection criteria. Then, from this shortlist, pick the one whose price is within your budget. If several options are within your budget, you should choose the one that offers more safety and comfort features.
Top Pick

Lincoln Electric K2989-M (1)

Lincoln Electric K2989-M

  • Full leather front and sides
  • Breathable flame retardant cotton
  • Cowhide leather sleeves

The Lincoln Electric Heavy Duty Leather Welding Jacket is the best protection of its type in the market. It offers supreme protection. It is ideal for professional welders. It is also very comfortable without compromising protection.

Welding Jackets Comparison Chart

Lincoln Electric K2989-MLincoln Electric K2989-M

Material: Leather and cotton
Weight: 4.39 lb (2 kg)
Pockets: 1
Sizes: M-3XL

Material: Leather
Weight: 4.75 lb (2.15 kg)
Pockets: 4
Sizes: S-4XL
Lincoln Electric KH807L (1)Lincoln Electric KH807L

Material: Leather
Weight: 1 lb (0,45 kg)
Pockets: 1
Sizes: L,XL
Black Stallion JL1030-BB-XLBlack Stallion JL1030-BB-XL

Material: Leather
Weight: 2 lb (0.9 kg)
Pockets: 2
Sizes: S-4XL
Miller Electric 2207775Miller Electric 2207775

Material: Cotton, nylon
Weight: 1.3 lb (0.58 kg)
Pockets: No
Sizes: M

5 Best Welding Jackets (as of June, 2024)

1. Lincoln Electric K2989-M Welding Jacket – Best Lincoln Electric Welding Jacket Review

Lincoln Electric K2989-M Review, Pros and Cons

The Lincoln Electric Heavy Duty Leather Welding Jacket is the ultimate protection clothing. It is ideal for the professional welder.

It combines materials to achieve the perfect balance between protection, comfort, and ergonomics. This jacket is perfect for In and Out of position welding. It will protect you effectively even when you perform high-amperage welding.


The front of this jacket is made entirely of leather, which protects you very well from heat, radiation, and spatter. The sleeves are also made of leather. The back is made of cotton with flame-retardant properties. 

Moreover, premium cotton allows for continuous airflow. This keeps your back cool and well protected at the same time.


To offer more protection against sparks and spatter, the jacket has a special button liner design. It consists of three layers of protective materials (leather, fabric, and Velcro).

Moreover, a neck collar made of leather protects your neck. Adjustable cuffs allow for protection to your wrists and forearms.


On average, this jacket weighs 4.39 lb (2 kg).


The jacket doesn’t have an interior lining. However, it is equipped with a large inside pocket, which you can use to store goods safely.

2. QeeLink Welding Jacket – Best Leather Welding Jacket Review

QeeLink Review, Pros and Cons

The QeeLink Leather Welding Work Jacket is excellent. Because of the material, the jacket offers superior protection.

Durability is not an issue since craftsmanship is top in this welding jacket. However, this welding jacket may not be the best choice if you often work outside in the sunshine.


This welding jacket is made entirely of heavy-duty leather. The material is flame-resistant. Craftsmanship is top, with Kevlar stitching.

Hence, durability is not a problem. Moreover, the areas subjected to higher stress are reinforced with corrosion-resistant rivets.


To provide maximum protection, the neck, cuffs, and waist are adjustable. This way, you can achieve a secure fit that guarantees that no debris gets inside through gaps. Because of the toughness of the material, this welding jacket is good for any other type of industrial work.


On average, this jacket weighs 4.75 lb (2.15 kg).


No lining in this welding jacket.


  • Four pockets to store tools and consumables
  • Available in several sizes from S to 4XL
  • Superior protection and durability


  • Hot to wear because of a lack of proper ventilation

3. Lincoln Electric KH807L Welding Jacket – Best Fire Retardant Jacket Review

Lincoln Electric KH807L Review, Pros and Cons

The Lincoln Electric KH807L is a heavy-duty jacket that effectively protects your arms and torso while welding. It is made of tough material, and craftsmanship ensures long durability.

The jacket comes in two sizes only, L and XL. The L size is 31” long.


This welding jacket is made of flame-resistant leather. To ensure durability, the jacket has triple-needle stitching on the seams.


In addition to protecting the arms and torso, this jacket protects the neck also. For this sake, it has a flip-up collar.

The welding jacket is closed using a zipper and snaps. This offers added protection from debris. You can store some personal items in a large interior pocket.


The manufacturer claims that this welding jacket weighs 1 lb (0,45 kg) only. However, this welding jacket feels heavier than other jackets of similar size.


No lining in this welding jacket.


  • Durable because of the material and craftsmanship
  • Price is right for the quality of the product
  • Good looks and nice design


  • The jacket may leave orange fuzz on your sweatshirt

4. Black Stallion JL1030-BB-XL – Best Black Stallion Welding Jacket Review

Black Stallion JL1030-BB-XL  Review, Pros and Cons

The Black Stallion JL1030-BB is a welding jacket suitable for heavy-duty work. However, it is also stylish and good looking.

Nevertheless, it is not recommended for welding in the sunshine. Because of its material and construction, the jacket can get hot after some time. It is offered in different sizes, from S to 4XL.


This welding jacket is made entirely of leather. Unlike previous jackets, this one is dyed in blue to give it a more stylish look.


This welding jacket offers good protection to your torso and arms. Moreover, it has a standup collar for added protection to your neck. This collar is adjustable to ensure a perfect fit.

Unfortunately, the cuffs cannot be adjusted. Hence, there is the possibility of debris getting inside if some gaps are left.


The manufacturer claims this jacket weighs 2 lb (0.9 kg).


This welding jacket has a satin internal lining on the shoulders. Hence, it is much easier to put it on and off.


  • Internal satin lining in the shoulders
  • It has a pocket for tools and other small items
  • Added protection to the neck using an adjustable collar


  • It can be hot to wear because of poor ventilation
  • No adjustable cuffs

5. Miller Electric 2207775 – Best Miller Electric Welding Jacket Review

Miller-Electric-2207775-Review, Pros and Cons

This Miller Electric welding jacket is light, made of thinner material. The quality leaves room for improvement.

However, the price is quite affordable. It is not recommended for heavy-duty tasks. It is more suitable for DIY hobbyists, students, and apprentices.


This jacket is made of fabric consisting of 88% cotton and 12% nylon.


As mentioned, the material is rather thin and may not offer the same level of protection as leather. The jacket has a collar that protects the neck effectively. Additionally, the cuffs can be closed securely, preventing debris from sneaking inside.


This welding jacket weighs just 1.3 lb (0.58 kg).


It has no internal lining. So, consider wearing a long-sleeve cotton shirt under it since the material is a single layer.


  • Very light and comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Good coverage of the body


  • Not for heavy-duty such as arc welding
  • Craftsmanship leaves ample room for improvement

Buyer’s Guide

After reading the previous reviews, you surely have a better idea of the different welding jackets in the market. You still may be wondering which one should I buy?

The most common answer is “buy the best welding jacket that you can afford.” Welding is hazardous. Hence, there is no reason to compromise your safety.

However, as you surely noticed, not all the welding jackets have the same characteristics. This is why we have prepared this buyer’s guide. Here, we will discuss the different aspects to consider before buying a welding jacket.

Your decision depends very much on the type of welding work that you perform. Do you weld professionally? Hence, a high level of protection and comfort is important in this case. You have to consider investing in a good welding jacket.

Or, do you weld sporadically as part of your DIY projects? If so, you can sacrifice some features and get a more affordable welding jacket. Let’s discuss all these issues in detail.


The material determines the protection from radiation, flames, and debris. Some types of heavy-duty welding require additional protection from welding spatters. In such cases, leather is the best material to ensure maximum safety. However, leather is not ideal for hot climates.

Hence, you can opt for a cotton welding jacket as long as the material is flame-resistant. The combination of both materials is the best compromise between protection and comfort.


When you choose a welding jacket, protection is the top requirement. In most cases, protection cannot even be compromised or negotiated. Besides choosing the right material for the type of welding that you’ll be doing, other features are important:

  • Neck protection. Choose a welding jacket that has a protective collar to prevent burns on your neck skin. This collar must be made of the same material as the rest of the jacket;
  • Adjustable cuffs. This allows closing the sleeves securely such that no welding spatter, and sparks sneak into the jacket;
  • Secure front closure. Likewise, you should be able to close the front of the jacket securely to prevent burns on your torso.
Collar in welding jacket

Burns caused by welding spatter and debris can be serious. Hence, protection always must be your top requirement.


For professional welders, comfort is also important.

For instance, wearing a leather welding jacket for several hours in a hot climate can be very uncomfortable. In this case, you can opt for a welding jacket that combines leather with high-quality cotton to provide some airflow and cooling.

Cotton welding jacket

On the other hand, comfort may not be a top requirement if you weld sporadically and for a short period.


It can be quite annoying to buy a new welding jacket often because of holes and burns on the protective material. Hence, you should make a good investment and buy a durable jacket.

Durability is determined by the quality of the materials and the craftsmanship. Even if the materials are of high quality, if the welding jacket is poorly made, it won’t last long.


Choose a welding jacket that is offered in a variety of sizes. This way, you can find the perfect fit for you.

You must be able to move comfortably when you are wearing your welding jacket. If it is too tight, you won’t be able to move freely.

Sizes of jackets


How to starch a welding jacket?

Welders usually starch their clothing to make it last longer. This includes welding jackets. The use of fire-retardant materials increases the longevity of welding jackets.

However, some welders still opt to starch their clothing for superior durability. If done properly, starching can prevent sparks and spatter from penetrating your welding jacket.

First of all, make sure that you starch welding jackets that are 100% cotton. The welding jacket must absorb the liquid starch to be effective. This won’t be possible with synthetic materials.

To starch a welding jacket, follow these steps:

  • Wash and dry your welding jacket. Starching a dirty jacket won’t be so effective;
  • Add liquid starch (Sta-Flo, for example) to a spray bottle. Spray it all over the welding jacket. To make this process more easily, you can hang the jacket up on a hanger;
  • Let the welding jacket dry for the entire night;
  • Iron your welding jacket.

Your starched welding jacket will be stiffer at the beginning. Don’t worry; it will loosen up after some time.

How to wash/clean the leather welding jacket?

The best way is to take your welding jacket to a professional cleaner. But if you want to save some dollars, you can follow these steps:

  • Moist a cleaning rag;
  • Add a few drops of bath soap on the rag;
  • Scrub the jacket. If necessary, rinse the rag and repeat the above steps;
  • Use a different rag to rinse off the soap;
  • Finally, you can apply a leather conditioner for added softness. Make sure the conditioner is not flammable.

You’ll need to clean your welding jacket on a semi-regular basis to prolong its life.

How to judge the quality of a welding jacket?

Protection is much more important than other characteristics in a welding jacket. Hence, the quality of a welding jacket is determined by the quality of the materials that were used to make it.

High-quality welding jackets offer superior protection. Good craftsmanship is also an indication of quality.

What type of welding will you be doing?

To choose a welding jacket, you must know what type of welding you’ll be doing. There are MIG, TIG, and stick (or arc) welding.

Which welding jacket is the best?

Our reviews found that the Lincoln Electric Heavy Duty Leather Welding Jacket is the best in the market. It offers superior protection for different types of welding.

What climate will you be working in?

The climate in which you will be working is important to select the right welding jacket. In hot climates, welding jackets made entirely of leather can be very uncomfortable to wear. They get hot because of poor ventilation.

In such cases, a welding jacket made of a combination of leather and cotton is the best. You can opt for a cotton jacket if the material doesn’t compromise protection.

In cold climates, leather welding jackets are preferred. 

Best Welding Jacket

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