Stick vs. MIG Welding: Choose the Right One for Your Application

Stick vs MIG welding
Stick vs MIG welding

Welding techniques have evolved significantly in the last decades. Nowadays, a professional welder has different options to choose from.

Depending on the particular requirement of a procedure, one or another technique may be more suitable.

In the past, stick welding was the only option available.

It remains one of the most used welding techniques, but the improvement of electrical technology led to the development of some alternatives. That’s the case of the so-called MIG welding.

Hence, a professional welder must be acquainted with the characteristics of each of these techniques. Knowing their pros and cons will help you decide which technique to favor for a given situation.

Hence, in this article, we will compare Stick and MIG welding techniques.  

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Welding vs Soldering vs Brazing vs Bolting

Welding vs Soldering vs Brazing vs Bolting
Welding vs Soldering vs Brazing vs Bolting (3)

Welding, soldering, brazing, bolting, all these working methods may come to your mind when you need to join two or more materials.

What should you choose to make the joining last? And, which one fits certain materials?

Looking forward, we want to say that they are all quite similar and may equally satisfy you with the results, but some distinctions are a must to know, especially when it comes to temperatures involved in their processes.

Let’s briefly cover each with its pros and cons, decide on the durable and robust method to use for your planned works and learn their different key metrics.

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Skull Welding Helmets Auto Darkening
Skull Welding Helmets Auto Darkening

Professional welders must wear a protective helmet whenever they weld. This protects their eyes from spatter, intense light, and harmful radiation.

Modern welding helmets use advanced technology to automatically select the best lens shade when welding. This feature is known as auto-darkening.

But besides being a functional and comfortable piece of personal protective equipment, welding helmets can have other qualities. For instance, they can have cool and fashionable designs.

This is the case of welding helmets with skull designs. You want to look impressive and unique while welding, don’t you? Then, check out the following welding helmets.

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Antra Welding Helmet Reviews (1)
Antra Welding Helmet Reviews

The welding helmet market is immense; however, the majority of professional headwear is expensive. When you try to find a helmet that’s both affordable and qualitative, there are many obstacles.

BUT, no need to give in so easily, as Antra welding helmets may satisfy many cravings in terms of tasty price, nylon shield, comfort, protection, and safety for welding works.

Check this review out, as it covers the most popular welding helmets offered by Antra. Find their main characteristics together with pros and cons for easier acquaintance with the product line.

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Miller Electric Plasma Cutters Review (1)
Miller Electric Plasma Cutters Review

Are you looking for high-quality plasma cutters and not sure which company will provide you with the best ones?

Let’s agree that on the welding market, it is often hard to find something worthy that won’t be overpriced. However, it is still possible, and this review is going to prove that to you.

Here, we have prepared a few facts and details for you that will help with making the right decision. 

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Speedglas Welding Helmets Reviews

Speedglas Welding Helmets Reviews

Equipping yourself with welding accessories is not a piece of cake due to the variety of existing brands, materials involved, and prices. Nowadays, welding helmets are heavily marketed, where the 3M Speedglas brand ranks as one of the most high-quality and reliable manufacturers.

Let’s cover the product line of welding helmets offered by Speedglas and evaluate their efficacy in terms of features and protection. The review will involve their key characteristics, users’ feedback, as well as pros and cons. It may then help you choose the helmet that meets all your requirements.

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Best Plasma Cutter – Buyer’s Guide

Best Plasma Cutter

A plasma cutter is one of the best tools to buy if you need to cut steel and other metals.

It might be dangerous if you don’t know how to use it because to cut through metal, it uses inert gas that comes out of a nozzle at a very high speed. Plus, at the same time, an electrical arc is created to turn the gas into plasma. 

As a result, you get a hot torch that is incredibly powerful and can help you create beautiful items out of a single sheet of metal. 

With such a result, as you can see, these appliances have to be high-quality and durable. Choosing a plasma cutter is very important for its proper work and your safety. There are many factors that are combined in the best choice, and to make it easier for you, we’ve chosen 5 great cutters for different purposes.

Some of them are heavy-duty, while others only cut through thin sheets of metal, are lightweight, and portable.

After the list, there’s a buyer’s guide that will explain to you all the factors to consider before making the final choice. After combining them in one bowl, you’ll get a description of a perfect plasma cutter for your purposes.

Let’s see what we have for you!

Top Pick
Lotos LTP5000D (1)

Lotos LTP5000D

  • Non-touch Pilot ARC
  • Cutting rusty / painted metal
  • Ideal cut thickness – 1/2″ (12mm)

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How to Weld Aluminum Safely

How to Weld Aluminum Safely

Welding is one of the most hazardous professions out there. Even one mistake can cost you a life. Of course, this is in the worst-case scenario.

However, even if everything goes well, doing welding daily involves many hidden dangers that can be the cause of various diseases, disorders, and problems with health. 

That’s why it’s always better to know all these important aspects before you get down to work. Welding aluminum is especially dangerous and has its own peculiarities.

This is the reason we’ve put this guide on how to weld aluminum safely. Hopefully, it will help you minimize the risks. 

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Welding Dangers: Welding Fumes and Gases

Welding Dangers: Welding Fumes and Gases
Welding Dangers: Welding Fumes and Gases

As welding is a complex and hazardous occupation, every welder daily complies with certain safety standards. It concerns their equipment, clothing, and, of course, the rules of occupational health and safety.

Nevertheless, some risks are still common and may harm welders regardless of their will and uniform. In particular, it involves risks from welding fumes and gases. Let’s figure them out.

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