Skull Welding Helmets Auto Darkening

Professional welders must wear a protective helmet whenever they weld. This protects their eyes from spatter, intense light, and harmful radiation.

Modern welding helmets use advanced technology to automatically select the best lens shade when welding. This feature is known as auto-darkening.

But besides being a functional and comfortable piece of personal protective equipment, welding helmets can have other qualities. For instance, they can have cool and fashionable designs.

This is the case of welding helmets with skull designs. You want to look impressive and unique while welding, don’t you? Then, check out the following welding helmets.

A Little about Skull Welding Helmets

A welding helmet has become more than just a part of a welder’s protective gear. It can be a fashionable piece of a welder’s attire too. This is why welding helmet manufacturers often come up with newer designs.

Some helmets look quite futuristic, giving the welder the look of a space traveler. Why not? Welders also want to look good and unique at work.

Other manufacturers have come with more innovative and daring designs, such as helmets that mimic a skull. This may be something unusual, but nobody can deny it is a very original idea.

If you wear such a helmet, you will surely impress your colleagues. Some of them may even freak out when they see you!

The majority of these helmets sport the auto-darkening feature. This makes the process of welding much more efficient.

Unlike traditional welding helmets, you don’t have to flip the lens up to see the result of your welding. And you don’t have to flip it down to resume welding. Instead, a lens with auto-darkening darkens automatically when you weld.

This feature makes a welding helmet significantly more expensive in comparison with traditional ones. Hence, auto-darkening helmets are generally more suitable for professional welders.

However, DIY hobbyists can buy such helmets also if money is not an impediment. Like this, everyone can enjoy a functional welding helmet and a cool design at the same time.

Now, get ready to read the reviews of the best skull welding helmets with auto-darkening. These honest assessments can help you choose the right skull welding helmet for you. And even if it’s not Halloween every day, you’ll look scary and impressive at work.

Skull Welding Helmets Auto Darkening Comparison Chart

Antra AH6-660-6218Antra AH6-660-6218

Shade range: 4/5-9/9-13
Warranty: 1 year
Auto-darkening sensors: 4
Paintwork or sticker: Paintwork

Save Phace 3010066 DOA Gen XSave Phace 3010066 DOA Gen X

Shade range: 3/10
Warranty: 2 years
Auto-darkening sensors: 2
Paintwork or sticker: Sticker
RedTail Red SkullRedTail Red Skull

Shade range: 9-13
Warranty: n/a
Auto-darkening sensors: 2
Paintwork or sticker: Paintwork

3 Skull Welding Helmets Auto Darkening (as of July, 2024)

1. Antra AH6-660-6218 Skull Welding Helmet Auto Darkening Review

Antra AH6-660-6218 Review, Pros and Cons

This helmet is very versatile. It offers protection in any type of welding work. It is good for plasma cutting too. The lens comes with a grinding mode, which corresponds to shade level 4.

The auto-darkening system relies on 4 sensors that detect the presence of an arc. This triggers a fast reaction in just 0.04 milliseconds. You can hardly find a comparable speed in a different helmet.

You can adjust the speed from dark to grinding mode (0.1 to 1 second). The lowest value allows you to inspect the result of your welding almost immediately.

To ensure maximum protection, the welding mode comprises lens shades from 5 to 13. You can easily adjust these settings thanks to external controls.

This helmet is quite comfortable and lightweight. Therefore, it is recommended for professional welders that spend many hours with the helmet on.

The helmet needs batteries to work. But it also has a solar cell to help prolong battery life.

A skull is painted directly on the sides of the helmet. The skulls look stylish and terrifying at the same time. The paintwork is of high quality.

On the downside, this helmet seems to be a bit flimsy. This feel may be the result of the light weight of just 18 oz (515 g).

The material looks solid, though. To be on the safe side, you should be careful with your helmet and avoid dropping it.


  • Very fast reaction time
  • Ample range of protection suitable to all types of welding
  • Reasonably priced.


  • Flimsy feel, which casts doubt about the durability.

2. Save Phace 3010066 DOA Gen X Skull Welding Helmet Auto Darkening Review

Save Phace 3010066 DOA Review, Pros and Cons

Do you want to impress all your coworkers? Then you must get this high-end welding helmet. It looks great. That’s not all.

The helmet is quite sturdy without sacrificing comfort. It includes a sweatband, which will keep your face dry. This band can be replaced easily.

The helmet is made of high-impact nylon. Most importantly, its performance is top-notch.

The auto-darkening system is also among the fastest in the market.

As with most high-end welding helmets, you can adjust the different settings through external controls. This helmet has one of the largest viewing areas that you can find in an auto-darkening helmet.

Thus, performance-wise, this helmet will meet the requirements of professional welders and DIY hobbyists alike.

As mentioned, the skull design looks great. But it was quite disappointing to find out that this is just a sticker and no paintwork.

This is a big disadvantage if your welding work generates a lot of spatter. The sticker can be destroyed by the high temperature relatively easily. It’s a pity that airbrush painting was not used in this high-end welding helmet.


  • Great looks and performance
  • Very comfortable, with a sweatband
  • Sturdy construction with high-quality materials


  • The skull design is a simple sticker

3. RedTail Red Skull Welding Helmet Auto Darkening Review

RedTail Red Scull Review, Pros and Cons

This is by far the most impressive skull design that you can find in a welding helmet. The helmet itself has the 3D shape of a skull. It’s not only a painted skull on the helmet. This will make you look unique in your workplace.

But this helmet delivers more than just good looks. It is also very comfortable to wear. Hence, it is suitable for long welding sessions. Both professional welders and DIY hobbyists will appreciate it.

This helmet offers the usual UV/IR protection that most auto-darkening helmets provide. It is equipped with 2 sensors to detect an arc. The reaction time is 0.04 milliseconds, which is quite good.

A Lithium-Ion battery provides 2000 hours of operation. A solar cell helps extend the battery’s lifetime. Moreover, the helmet turns off automatically if it detects inactivity for several seconds.

This welding helmet is quite affordable, which is good. However, you have to handle this helmet with care. Some of its parts are prone to breaking or suffering damage. After all, you get what you pay for.


  • Quite affordable
  • Very fast reaction time
  • An attractive 3D skull design


  • Durability is not the best


Whether you are a professional welder or a DIY hobbyist, having a fashionable welding helmet is a good thing. You’ll look great and unique, especially with a helmet with a skull design.

We have reviewed the best helmets in this category. Choose the one that adapts better to your needs and budget. You won’t regret it.

Skull Welding Helmets Auto Darkening

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