Best Welding Lens

Best Welding Lens

This comprehensive article will lift the veil on the best possible models of the 2024 welding lenses.

It aims to provide you with essential features, high-tech solutions in the world of welding, and vivid benefits or possible drawbacks of some models.

After reading this extensive review, you will agree with many nuances essential for choosing the proper welding lens for your work. You will realize that it is really a challenging task to remain pleased with the necessary item. 

It turns out that using, indeed, a highly qualified welding lens with proper technical advantages will improve your welding performance to be better than ever, and you will feel it right from the first day of application. 

In today’s article you will find out the answers’ set you have been looking for for a long time, concerning the most important choice criteria as follows:

  • Darkening types (auto, fixed, enlarging option),
  • A clear understanding of your welding purposes (types of welding, working scale),
  • Shade range (4-13),
  • The lens size,
  • It is necessary to know for which helmet you are going to buy the lens, as there are various kinds of helmets today.

These and many other related criteria are essential when selecting the eligible welding lens for being a professional welder.

Top Pick
Lincoln Electric KP3775-1

Lincoln Electric KP3775-1

  • 4C Lens Technology AND Delay Control adjustment
  • Variable shade range of 8 – 13 & Shade 3 light state
  • Hassle free 2 year warranty

Well, let’s see which variant is the winner of today’s review. Lincoln Electric Welding Lens with an auto-darkening option is the best choice for those welders who can work even under the most unpredictable weather conditions. Your eyes will never be tired even throughout the whole working day, due to its steady and top-grade performance. 

Welding Lenses Comparison Chart

Lincoln Electric KP3775-1Lincoln Electric KP3775-1

Shade range: 3, 8 -13
Lens size: 2 x 4'' (5 x 10,2 cm)
Sensors quantity: 2
ILJIN DisplayILJIN Display

Shade range: 5 -1 3
Lens size: 5.24" x 4.5" x 0.35" (13,3 x 11,4 x 0,8 cm)
Sensors quantity: 4
Jackson Safety 46128Jackson Safety 46128

Shade range: 9 - 13
Lens size: 3.93" x 2.36" (10 x 6 cm) 
Sensors quantity: 4
ArcOne T240-10ArcOne T240-10

Shade range: 10,5
Lens size: 2 x 4.25 x 0.2" (5 x 10,8 x 0,5 cm) 
Sensors quantity: 2
Armour GuardArmour Guard

Shade range: 10
Lens size: 2 x 4'' (5 x 10,2 cm)
Sensors quantity: 2
Miller Electric 770226 Miller Electric 770226

Shade range: 10
Lens size: 2 x 4" (5 x 10,2 cm)
Sensors quantity: no

6 Best Welding Lenses (as of June, 2024)

Of course, you can simply read any information from the feedback of unknown people on different websites or message boards concerning welding matters. However, before you do this, take into account the fact that people on that side share only their personal meaning and nobody knows if they are real professional welders or simple home gamers. 

To avoid many risks grounded on misguided advice, you have to rely on your professional demands and constructive assistance. Looking through the list of the top welding lenses it becomes possible to compare their both advantages and drawbacks and find those features close to your work manner and requirements.

Are you still searching for the ideal welding lens? Ok, let’s find what you need! Below you will see the review of six welding lens models with all their pros and cons, functional capabilities, as well as possible shortcomings if any.

1. Lincoln Electric KP3775-1 Welding Lens – Best 2×4” (5 x 10,2 cm) Lens Review

Lincoln Electric KP3775-1 Review, Pros and Cons

Short description

The one considered as the first and the best lens in the presented list. You may say that it is a bit pricey in comparison with other models, but agree that it is absolutely comfortable with great results, so it’s worth it. 

Shade range 

This lens includes alterable options for shade arrangement (8-13), depending on the conditions you work in. For TIG welding, it is perfect to use 13 shade. Dealing with MIG welding you can try 10-13 shade but, still, they say, it is somehow inconvenient for the eyes.

Lens size

Standard size of 2 x 4 inches (5 x 10,2 cm). This lens suits ideally pipeline hoods made of fibre and metal.

Sensors quantity 

There is not any exact information about the number of sensors but it is known that it can adjust to the environment and type of welding. Delay Control option is included. 

Power supply

Two batteries are included for this lens.


  • It has a special 4C lens technology you can see everything perfectly in terms of color and surface of the material and please your eyes with smooth work without any visual fatigue. 
  • The sensitivity of the lens will change in accordance with the application to create an appropriate performance process. The lens is eligible for multifunctional work in the industrial sector or for individual welding. 
  • It gives the option to change the shade and see the object better. 
  • You can weld with it even under the constant rain.


  • In case of the necessity to replace some of the details, it will come to you at a cost. 

The item is so great that it’s almost impossible to find anything negative about it, still, there is no rose without a thorn.

That’s why it is important to follow the work requirements and instructions to make your welding lens work well as long as possible. Still, things happen. 

In such a way, it’s clear that the Lincoln indeed deserves your attention and will surely make you like the color while welding.

Its shade control option and peculiar lens technology provide very comfortable conditions for a seamless welding process. Hope you will give it also the highest rate.

2. ILJIN Display Welding Lens – Best 4×5” (10,2 x 12,7 cm) Lens with 4 Sensors for MIG and TIG Arc Review

ILJIN Display Review, Pros and Cons

Short description

Great choice! A top-notch lens tailored almost for all Linkoln Helmet models. You will be pleased with its clarity level and new technological components.

Shade range 

You can choose the appropriate shade from 5 to 13 depending on the field of application. TIG welding requires a 13 shade number, and for MIG it is better to use 10-13 shades. 

Lens Size

The lens with a size range – 5.24″ x 4.5″ x 0.35″ (13,3 x 11,4 x 0,8 cm). The Linkoln helmets go well with it. 

Sensors quantity 

It has 4 sensors to improve the visual area and make your eyes feel great without any fatigue. 

Power supply

It can charge from special batteries and solar power as well. 

What else does it have to take second place here?


  • A highly improved lens with auto-darkening opportunity to show the level of new technology in the world of welding.
  • Your eyes will never be tired due to sufficiently large viewing dimensions (98 x 89mm / 3.86″ x 3.50) of the screen with specially incorporated 4 image sensors to give you perfect optical vision.
  • The implementation of nanotechnologies allows the user to feel comfortable about the shade and sensitivity. Both are adjustable making the field of vision absolutely clear. Moreover, there is a high level of UV and infrared protection.
  • It is suitable for MIG welding, arc, and TIG welding dealing with electrically conductive materials. 


  • Keep in mind that the device does not come with batteries so think about it in advance. They should be of good quality if you plan to weld for a decent period of time otherwise the bat indicator will immediately let you know – it’s time to recharge. By the way, if you place the lens on the direct sun rays, it will become usable again but only for a short period. 

Following this and other manual recommendations will allow you to work with pleasure and enjoy the outstanding of your job.

What else can be added to summarize its advantages and one insignificant drawback concerning batteries that is its delay adjustability option you can manage in a simple manner. Even if you are a novice welder you will not have any inconveniences in terms of use with it.

3. Jackson Safety 46128 Welding Lens – Best 2,4 x 4 (6 x 10,2 cm) Lens Review

Jackson Safety 46128 Review, Pros and Cons

Short description 

Before starting to speak about key features and view options of this selected lens, let’s look at its design which is really impressive. The thing is that due to its removable cartridge visual field of 3.93″ x 2.36″ (10 x 6 cm) it becomes possible to have a brilliant spare view during any welding work phase.

Shade range 

Concerning the shade range, it goes from 9 to 13 providing a crystal view while working. It will adjust itself automatically to the necessary type of welding.

Lens Size

The lens has an optical zone of 3.93″ x 2.36 (10 x 6 cm). It is eligible for Jackson hoods, Miller upscale hoods, and others.

Sensors Quantity

It encompasses 4 individual sensors you can control yourself without any troubles. 

Power supply

It charges from the battery.


  • You can try it for any task and understand immediately how easy it works. The point is that Jackson Safety cares about all the details and this time they decided to apply 4 separate sensor areas with a user-friendly control panel. So it will suit any welding task in the process automatically. 
  • As one of the top models, it has the option to adjust delay and sensitivity level and help welders of a different professional experience to evaluate this great advantage. After all, they know how it important is to recognize all colors and have a wide intensive vision of the object.


  • The manufacturer states this lens goes with all helmets of the same brand, but as practice shows, things happen and there are still some Jackson helmets inappropriate for it.

In general, that is an amazing choice for a reasonable price today. Enjoy working with it for many years with solid comfort and safety.

4. ArcOne T240-10 – Best Budget 2×4 (5 x10,2 cm) Lens Review

ArcOne T240-10 Review, Pros and Cons

Short description 

First off, it is important to point out that this model is not appropriate for professional welders and all types of welding work. Still, the lens for this money is an ideal variant for students and those who are just starting to learn the welding trade or do it at home as a hobby for certain purposes. 

Shade range

Only one shade option is possible – 10.5, it means it is not appropriate for all types of welding. It is a good choice for school welding but not ok for TIG at all. Use a clear lens additionally. 

Lens size 

Its size is 2 x 4.25 x 0.2″ (5 x 10,8 x 0.5 cm). It suits pipeliner hoods made of fibre and metal.

Sensors Quantity 

Two separate sensors are available.

Power supply 

Works without any power type. No batteries necessary.


  • It is an economical solution with an auto-darkening opportunity with a size of 2X4 inches (5 x 10,2 cm) .
  • Accurate form and adequate in reference to clarity and color transfer. 


  • It has only one shade – 10.5 and a light option of 3. 
  • Additionally, it is important to know that exactly this ArcOne model can be ineligible depending on the heat level, size of the rod, and overall welding process. For instance, if you need to weld an ally in a store at 300 amps the whole day, it’s a bad idea to purchase this item. Type of work will influence the way you see: sometimes it will be too bright and in other conditions a bit dark for your eyes. 

So, take it into account before buying. Evaluate your budget and purpose to arrive at the right decision.

5. Armour Guard – 2 x 4 -1/4 (5 x 10,8 cm) Auto Darkening Fixed Shade 10 Welding Lens Review

Armour Guard Review, Pros and Cons

Short description 

Ten welding lenses at a very budget price to work with several welding types. 

Shade Range

One shade is possible – 10. Not bad for mig and stick welding. Great for dealing with arcs. 

Lens size

The lens size is 2 x 4 inches (5 x 10,2 cm).

Sensors Quantity 

Two separate sensors for arc welding are included.

Power Supply

No batteries are required.


  • Great quality for such an affordable price.
  • Uses a special technology that creates a certain blue tent in the process of application. You will find it hard to leave it because of its fantastic clarity. 
  • There are two separate sensors and only one shade 10.
  • Absolutely free state of eyes and neck.
  • Works perfectly with not very long arc and tungsten inert gas.


  • The lens comes without batteries. 
  • According to several welders’ testimonials, the availability of the one shade 10 sometimes creates a little bit of bright vision of the object and it may seem as if there is a shade 9. Still, it is decent for this money. 
  • Sometimes you can find it too bright when working with flux core.

Generalizing these lens advantages and drawbacks, it is still worth to be tried for the indicated-above types of welding work. At all events, you will be pleasantly surprised with its special features and the offered price.

6. Miller Electric 770226 – Best Miller Welding Lens Review

Miller Electric 770226 Review

Short description 

The list of the best 6 welding lenses is finished by the product by Miller Electric. It fits any helmet like any other lens of 2″ x 4″ (5 x 10,2 cm) size. When welding you will see the green color of the puddle. 

Shade Range

One shade range only – 10. Almost all types of welding are good with it. 

Lens size

It has a standard size of 2″ x 4″inches (5 x 10,2 cm). Applicable for many hoods with the standard cartridge size. 

Sensors Quantity 

There are not any specified sensors, but this one is excellent when working with grinding and torching. You will see everything in a pleasant light without hard darkening. 

Power Supply

No batteries are necessary. 


  • It works well with all welding processes (tig, manual, and gas-shielding arc welding) in dark spaces.
  • Shade 10 option.
  • Standards: ANSI/CSA


  • It may not be very comfortable for the eyes when you take it off, that is why it can be even recommended to use blacked-out glasses for protection.
  • May start flashing over some time.
  • Bad for industrial application.

As you may see, currently there is a large variety of outstanding welding lenses on the market. The most preferable and demanded among all are those with auto-darkening.

However, models with cool blue lenses have become also very popular for certain welding purposes. Caring about your eyes with a high-quality welding lens you will stay healthy and get the best possible result of work.

What Are the Best Passive Shade Lens on Sale

Commonly passive shade lenses are not very expensive. And it never goes amiss to get one around if there are some troubles with your auto-darkening filter or the battery indicator tells about charging necessity. 

Go ahead to learn what is the best passive shade lens today on the market to choose the most eligible for you.

1. TW SUPPLY 1024090 11 Shade – Best Gold Shade 11 Lens Review

TW SUPPLY 1024090 11 Shade Review

There two of them in the pack and both gold lenses have shade 11. Concerning the size of the lens, it is 2″ x 4.25″ (51mm x 108mm). This one suits any safety glasses and helmets that fit the specified size. 


  • The glass is of good quality and allows you to see everything with nice clarity. 
  • Does not require any batteries.


  • The item is very fragile, so be careful with it when starting to work. It is not recommended for industrial applications.

2. Weldcote Metals – Best Shade 14 Lens Review

Weldcote Metals Review

The following glass lens with a 14 shade option can be appropriate for different welding helmets with a visual zone of 4-1/4″ X 5-1/4″ (10,8 X 13,3 cm). The lens is made of glass and its size is 4.5 x 5.25″ (11,4 X 13,3 cm) which is sufficiently large to top the lens of an SLR camera. You can try it also for sun viewing. 


  • Great for viewing solar eclipse
  • It has IR and UV protection cover.


  • Not a good idea to apply it for professional welding.

3. Forney 57050 – Best 8 Shade Lens Review

Forney 57050 Review

You can try it with almost every helmet of a brand name with the following parameters of the window embrasure – 5 1/4-Inch x 4 1/2 inch (13,3 X 11,4 cm). It has great color and durable material.


  • A special glass used for its design provides first-class protection from particles of dirt, metal splash, and other different impacts. 
  • The lens serves as a great solution for absolute sun protection (UVB and UVA rays).


  • If you find any, please put them down.

4. TW SUPPLY 1024090 10 Shade – Best Gold 10 Shade Lens Review

TW SUPPLY 1024090 10 Shade Review

There are two of them in the package. Tailored for all welding helmets and professional glasses with the required size. The following gold lenses are 2″ x 4.25″ (51mm x 108mm).


  • It offers superior clarity and will serve for many years. 


  • Some people say that this shade can be too bright.

5. Schott Glass WLD-S14-WFC – Best 50mm Circular Lens Review

Schott Glass WLD-S14-WFC Review

The lens is made of upscale german glass. You can try its shade range from 4 till 14 to see even better and evaluate its excellent green protection against infra-red light and enjoy sun staring. 


  • Your common goggles for welding require exactly this model of the lens which is made of high-quality nylon. 
  • By the way, comparing it with the resembling Chinese model, you will discover that it doesn’t have any defects at all as it often happens with the last. 


  • No drawbacks discovered. 

Short Description of the Best Clear Lens/Screen

Clear lenses often are used for additional protection keeping the clarity of the surrounding at the same level. Specialized stores and diverse online marketplaces display thousands of clear lens and screen variants.

When you start searching for something adequate for your work or hobby, you realize it’s a hard journey. To make your life easier, look through these simple and at the same time worth mentioning clear lenses to choose the best for yourself.

1. Harris 1010010 Review

Harris 1010010 Review

When you open the package you will see it encompasses 10 lens covers of  2″ x 4. 25″ (5 x 10,8 cm) size made of top quality clear plastic. With this small device, your eyes will get additional protection in the process of home welding as they serve exactly for this purpose. 

If you compare them with many popular brand models, you will see they are much thicker. It means they are of very good quality and the manufacturer promises they are hardly scratched.

It is possible to apply them together with passive glass and an auto-darkening screen. Your clear lens will be ok even if you continue to weld 7 days per week. It is, indeed, very durable!

2. Phillips Safety WLD-200-WFS Review

Phillips Safety WLD-200-WFS Review

This clear lens of 2″ x 4.25″ (5 x 10,8 cm) size fits perfectly for regular welding helmets. It is made of ideal quality acryl to incorporate the best durability features.

Moreover, there are +0.75 to +2.50 Magnifications. If you want to get the necessary work comfort, use these lenses in a combo with a green lens for welding.

Besides, when your eyesight is not perfect anymore, with this lens you will be able to see small things close to you better. Aging eyes will definitely appreciate these magnifying lenses.

3. 3M Speedglas 06-0201-30 Review

3M Speedglas 06-0201-30 Review

This variant can be eligible for arc-welding. Many welders have already estimated the quality of its material and know how well it fits a special hood, and first of all the 3M 9100XX welding helmet.

After using this clear screen, you will realize that it is worth buying. It includes 5 special protection plates for outside use. 

Shopping Guide: Buy the Welding Lenses You Need

Tailor-made accessories in the welding trade are essential in the way of protection and convenient working conditions. Today, it is very easy to find a broad variety of welding lenses with their different colors, sizes, features, and peculiarities.

Different Lenses

You have to be especially attentive in the process of finding the safest and comfortable lens for your job or hobby. The experienced welders surely know how challenging it is to make the right choice of these specially customized devices. 

Multiple features and external view usually hold the attention of many welders who really care about the quality of the material the lenses are made of and their protective capabilities. Well, let’s learn the key qualities to know exactly what to check.

How to choose the most eligible welding lens for my helmet?

Auto Darkening and Passive lenses

The auto-darkening feature is the most important and demanded among welders as the lenses with this filter allow you to work in different conditions and keep your eyes in a comfortable vision area.

Almost all the newest models are with an auto-darkening option.

Auto darkening lens

There are also passive lenses which are simply dark without light changing but they also protect the eyes the same way.

Passive lenses are very user-friendly and not expensive. They are made of heatproof plastics and polymeric materials. Special coatings against incoming UV and IR rays already used in them together with “10” shade.

Size of Lens

When speaking about the size of welding lenses, it can also be different and directly depends on the brand model of helmets you regularly use or see in the market. The regular size of the lens is 2″ x 4″ (5 x 10,2 cm).

It’s self-evident that the larger the lens size, the broader visual area you will have while welding. The size influences directly the way of work and its efficiency. 

Size of lens

The Range of Shades Available

You may ask, “what shade is safe for welding? or “how to choose the appropriate shade number?”.

Believe it really matters when dealing with welding. Shade number is essential because it helps to sort out the entering rays.

There are two major factors that influence the choice of lens shade: 

  • the material you are going to work with, and
  • the higher the amperage, the more shade number you should select to get the right protection.

The shade range indicated as 10-13 is generally recommended for welding jobs. The usage of this shade range guarantees full safety for the welder’s eyes. Again, pay attention to the material and amperage. 

Special Arc Sensors and Their Number

If you do not plan to get flashed then arc sensors are exactly what you need for this complicated work. You can find not so many options only the range from 2 to 4. 

Power Supply

The helmets with auto-darkening capability can be powered in a number of ways. They can charge from batteries, solar power, or both.

Why is it better to take those which can get power from both sources? In such a way, when you use sunlight energy your battery receives more chances to serve longer.

The choice depends as usually on individual consideration. Helmets with auto-darkening lenses often have batteries that a user can replace when it is required, and it is an awesome finding which extends the operating life of your device if to compare with those without the following replaceable batteries. 

Power supply

Shade Lens in Accordance with Welding Type

Depending on the type of welding you can choose the necessary shade lens to work in safe conditions and with a clear view. There are selected 5 widespread kinds of welding to see what shade lens is the most appropriate in all the cases. 

What shade lens for MIG welding?

The shade range starting from 10 to 13 are the most eligible variants to prevent yourself from being affected with flashes during MIG welding.

What shade lens for arc welding?

A minimum shade for this type of welding is 7 and can be applied up to 14. For instance, if you deal with shielded metal arc welding, you can choose the number between the above-indicated options. By the way, the electrode size also influences your choice.

What shade lens for tig welding?

Speaking about TIG welding the best diapason is between 9 and 12. It is recommended to select: 

  • 9 when working with steel and aluminum (with the amperage 3-25), and 
  • 10-12 when working with the same materials but with the higher amperage (50-300)

What shade of lens for oxy-acetylene welding?

A minimum shade for oxy-acetylene welding comes from 3 up to 5, but the normal variant is 6-8. Check the plate thickness before choosing the necessary shade.

Welding shades


What shade lens for flux core welding?

According to the OSHA recommendations, it is better to use 7-10 shade depending on the amperage, and ANSI & AWS consider it is necessary to be more cautious and apply 11-14 shade options. 

Protective/Magnifying Lenses for Welding

All the welding lenses have today a protective covering to keep your eyes out of danger. Moreover, they are designed also to hold your working screen ideally clean without any undesired scratches along with that increasing your visual display.

The lenses can be applied for regular welding and work perfectly together with green lenses. 

Colors of Protective Welding Lenses

Welding lens manufacturers usually think about your welding application needs and create lenses of the most different colors to respond to your needs. They use contemporary technologies to offer the best quality in the product range. 

Here is an example of the most popular welding lens colors and their differences:

  • Green 

This type of lens is used to protect the eyes from general radiation kinds welders are exposed to when dealing with this trade. Green lenses typically have a shade range from 4 to 12 or even 14.  Possible in a circular lens (50mm/1,7”).

  • Blue

It is important to know that this type of lens is not allowed to apply by itself as it may be dangerous for your eyesight!

This one is specially designed to disable the influence of the yellow or orange light of the optical spectrum. It is recommended to use it with your regular green lens for welding. It is available generally in a small size of 2 x 4.25” (5 x 10,8 cm).

  • Gold

These are regular green lenses with a special gold mirror coating to provide even more benefits for professional welders. This very color gives extra protection from IR and fantastic reduction of the heat impact to keep your eyes in a safe and comfortable surrounding. They are manufactured with 9-14 shade variants. 

  • Clear glass

A regular lens without any color to protect your eyes against harmful light. It is designed in a common size 2 x 4.25 (5 x 10,8 cm). Some of them may have a magnifying effect for better vision of small elements.

Magenta glass lenses

Keep in mind that it is dangerous for your eyes to use these lenses alone without any other welding lenses.

The lens is created to improve the picture of vision, add more clarity, and block a bright flare. Use them with your common welding shade. 


Is it possible to use the lens for sun viewing?

Yes, it is possible. A solar eclipse is a natural event people want to observe and can use not only special glasses but also some welding lenses.

It comes, namely, about the darkest lenses with a 14 shade option. Using any other lenses with less shade can be very dangerous for your eyes.

What is the difference between professional and domestic use lenses?

There is definitely a difference between them. The professional lenses have diverse features to enhance the visual clarity, protection level depending on the work field, shade range, magnifying capability, and many other additional things to guarantee the safe process of work. While domestic use lenses do not include so many features and intended to make a better vision of the objects.

How to keep the lens undamaged when welding too close to the object?

First off, keep the necessary distance when welding, and secondly use an additional cover lens to protect your eyes and regular welding lens from scratches, heat, and spatter. 

How does the auto-darkening welding lens work?

Auto-darkening technology is a very complicated process. Almost all the up-to-date welding helmets have this option.

When dealing with welding there can be an arc or visible radiation and the following lens starts to darken automatically. Due to the special light sensors, it goes without any troubles creating the necessary visual comfort zone. 

Best Welding Lens

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